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Adro - Brescia

Foundation Year: 1998

Property: Cavalleri Family

Oenologist: Alessandro Santini

Hectares of vineyard: 12 hectars are vineyard

Number of produced bottles: about 50.000 bottles per year

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The cellar is situated in Adro, the heart of Franciacorta. The vineyard, mostly Chardonnay and Pinot black grapes, ranges an area of 12 hectares; Franca Contea is a young firm, but has it’s shoulders generations of farmers; Was born in 1998 from the work of Louis, Michael and Alexandra, who together have embarked on this journey of growth with seriousness and commitment, setting themselves target of high level. The firm aims to excellence for his wines but do not want to get in a “built” way, but through naturals methods, even if this can disadvantage it, because a “built” wine will result much better, but that is the challenge. Franca Contea aims to provide a quality product but genuine from the earth, gathering the fruits of the work that earth can give, and using technology to enhance the territoir.


An electronic remote system permits wine making avoiding sulfuric anhydride so it is possible to preserve fragrances and perfumes acquired from grapes during the maturation. Red grapes, with the stalk remover, are previously destemmed to take out the grapes and then pressed. After this operation, must and skins are moved into steel sinks, with a guarantee of high hygiene and cleanliness. In the first days (8-12) of fermentation, must is subjected to a special treatment called delastage: the liquid part of the must is moved,3-5 times per day, over the skins that, acting like a filter, release color and tannin giving high structure to wine. After bottling the wine settles for a few months without light, noises and with temperature and humidity constantly controlled.

The evolution of the enologic art in Franca Contea farm starts as soon as the white grapes reach the cellar, which are pressed with an innovative vacuum press (the first in Franciacorta to use it, and between the first in Italy) operating in an inert environment and with a maximum depression of –o.7 atm. This means a shorter oxidation of the must and fragrances preservation and the possibility to carry out the carbonic maceration and cryomaceration.